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Do Our Babies Need to Cry in Order to Sleep?

I came across an article by Hand in Hand Parenting’s Patty Wifler – Getting Young Children to Sleep Through the Night and I want to respectfully challenge a few assumptions therein that I feel may make our parenting more stressful … Continue reading

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Toddler Savvy Smoothies: For Healthy Weight Gain

Designed to pack fat, protein and calories into your little one!  I created these smoothies based on advice from a nutritionist when I was trying to pack weight onto my tiny little one some years ago. These are the recipes I … Continue reading

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No Mama is Perfect, but Breast Milk Is!

No Mama is Perfect,  but Breast Milk Is! Here’s my confession: When I was breastfeeding my 3 month old and needed to have two Surgeries for Gall Bladder Disease, I didn’t Pump and Dump- against Dr’s wishes. I let all … Continue reading

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Getting off the Cow Teat in U.S.A.

An  article came out recently explaining the reasons why the FDA and Pediatrics now believe that we should limit children’s consumption of dairy because it isn’t as healthy as once thought and can dramatically cut into a child’s iron stores.  My … Continue reading

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Our Babies, Our Gurus

I admit it. I totally have a Guru (well, other than my child guru). Her name is Byron Katie and her message is all about radical acceptance. With regard to some of my daunting health challenges, one of her messages … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s New CEO: She’s No Role Model for Women

Marissa Mayer  is not a role model for Working Motherhood. Her stance that she will only take a few weeks of leave (or rather, won’t take one at all, but will work at home through her leave)  does a disservice … Continue reading

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Today Hyperemesis Gravidarum Awareness Day: No More Babies for Me

This is the hardest post I’ve ever had to write. And I am crying through it. And I might not get out of bed today. I was kidding myself for the last few months when my wife and I were … Continue reading

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Whipping It Out for Toddlers

Lord, when the scandal about Attachment Parenting and Toddler Breastfeeding came out along with that ridiculous TIME magazine pose, I was too tired to say or write anything about it. Basically, I am still too tired (and sneezing from hay … Continue reading

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Creating a Village

click here to read my article at natural parents network on Creating a Village: SHARING ATTACHMENT! In other news: It makes a lesbian mama proud to have a daughter with a mullet like this:

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How Co-Sleeping Saved My Baby: Apnea and SIDS

Up to 10 percent of children are thought to have an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Sleep disorders range from restless legs syndrome to circadian rhythm disorders to obstructive apnea and what I’m talking about in this blog, Central Apnea.  Many of … Continue reading

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