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Starving Our Babies: The Newborn Sleep Book; A Review

I posted about The Newborn Sleep Book by two New York pediatricians on my Facebook page, but I am so enraged that it needs a whole article. Simply put, the method the Jasseys suggest is to stretch our newborn feedings … Continue reading

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How to Teach Your Child to Share

It has been 20 years now of teaching and caring for children! The thing comes up as the most difficult things to teach and learn? Sharing (well, besides sleep, of course!)  I’m happy to share my tips.  Making them share … Continue reading

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10 Dental Health Tips for Toddlers

Cavities can sneak up on your family quickly!  I thought my 4-year-old had great brushing habits, but it wasn’t enough! You already know that lots of sugar, fruit and carbs can cause cavities, but I was even told that my … Continue reading

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Summer is for Potty Learning! : 7 Tips

There are many reasons why summer is a great time to introduce potty, or to practice or solidify potty skills! Whether you are currently doing EC, early potty (10-18mo), Toddler or Preschool Potty Learning, or if you are just considering … Continue reading

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Do Our Babies Need to Cry in Order to Sleep?

I came across an article by Hand in Hand Parenting’s Patty Wifler – Getting Young Children to Sleep Through the Night and I want to respectfully challenge a few assumptions therein that I feel may make our parenting more stressful … Continue reading

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Introducing the Sleep Savvy Tot Online Program (9mo-3yrs!)

Introducing the SLEEP SAVVY TOT ONLINE PROGRAM!  (9mo-3yrs) Just say NO to Cry-It-Out! $10 off for a very short time!  Click here:!sleep-savvy-for-tots/ciho I created this new program for gentle, naturally-minded families with little ones who are having sleep challenges and … Continue reading

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How to Respectfully Address Another Parent’s Crying Baby

An article recently came out detailing a woman’s response to a baby crying in a stroller in a clothing store. The woman passed judgement on the mom of the baby for talking about baby clothes with her friend rather than … Continue reading

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Smooth Moves for a Potty Groove: 6 Tips for Preventing Constipation During Potty Learning

6 Tips for Preventing Constipation During Potty Learning  These tips are gathered from over 18 years of helping families with potty learning challenges! Hydrate With Straws: Regular sippy cups are hard to suck enough water out of and little ones … Continue reading

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Discipline: It’s What’s For Dinner?

Recently, an esteemed parenting author wrote this meme and put it onto Facebook:                 This was my response: Moorea Malatt: Wow. Your version of dinner out sounds like I would never want to … Continue reading

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Strawberry Shortcake! (Gluten, Dairy and Cane Sugar-Free!)

My daughter, obsessed with the sweet little strawberry shortcake cartoons and her Strawberry Shortcake “Smelly doll” just like I had when I was a girl, had been asking what strawberry shortcake dessert was. But she’s allergic to dairy and cane … Continue reading

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