About Moorea

Moorea Malatt is the founder of SavvyParentingSupport.com, an online resource for gentle and naturally-minded early parenting challenges. Moorea is an expert in gentle (and early) potty learning, gentle sleep learning and gentle discipline.

Moorea is the author of online learning programs, books and blogs. She leads sold-out workshops and provides private phone consults. Moorea is an event speaker in the specific areas of potty, gentle discipline and sleep learning without Cry-It-Out.

As a parent, she overcame severe sleep deprivation due to her daughter’s sleep disorder, enjoyed gentle early potty learning tremendously and revels in parenting gently with clear boundaries and respect and consistency. Moorea has 20 years of experience with parents and young children as a preschool teacher, certified postpartum doula, infant and overnight nanny, creative life coach, and religious educator in Jewish, Buddhist and Christian settings. She enjoys horticulture and greening, birding, snorkeling and marine biology, and crafting imperfectly. She cannot cook worth beans, but enjoys a good sugar-free baking science experiment.

Moorea also wrote, sang and played guitar on an album of songs called, “Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding“. She was the owner, director and curriculum designer of Genius: A Baby Academy in Seattle before moving to Berkeley, CA where she coaches parents from all over the globe, teaches local classes and is one of three fabulous 3 mompreneurs creating Grow, a new and exciting pregnancy and parenting resource in the San Francisco Bay Area.


2 Responses to About Moorea

  1. Annie says:

    Hi Moorea,

    I was so bummed that I missed your Potty Savvy class last Sunday. I had even signed up at Birth & Beyond and unfortunately had to cancel because of a birthday party for which I was hosting. I am in the midst of potty training my 11 month-old son and have so many questions. Would I be able to meet up with you sometime for coffee, tea, or just a pastry? I live in the Northgate area.

    • mooreamalatt says:

      Hi Annie!
      I am so sorry you had to cancel! Fortunately you are so far ahead of the game. I am waiting on my “reviews” from the potty class before we set up another class there but I will imagine the class won’t be for another month. If you are really interested in working hard at potty savviness right now, what I can offer you is a parent coaching session over the phone and I can email you all of the materials along with that. It would be $50 for 45 minutes for the one-on-one and it would answer all of your questions you have accumulated so far. Email me mooreamalatthicks@gmail.com

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