Introducing the Sleep Savvy Tot Online Program (9mo-3yrs!)

Introducing the SLEEP SAVVY TOT ONLINE PROGRAM!  (9mo-3yrs)

Just say NO to Cry-It-Out!


$10 off for a very short time!  Click here:!sleep-savvy-for-tots/ciho

I created this new program for gentle, naturally-minded families with little ones who are having sleep challenges and don’t live where I teach workshops and might not feel ready for my private coaching programs!

Sleep Savvy works for all families but was specifically created to serve the needs of breastfeeding and co-sleeping or bed-sharing families.

I offer a money-back guarantee on all of my programs and packages! If you try the 12 steps  of Sleep Savvy and don’t love it, I provide a full refund within the first 3 weeks.


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