My First Stitch Fix: I Now Have A Personal Shopper!

I Joined Stitch-Fix. Really.

In my “feminist/riotgrrl/anti-consumerist” head, I imagined stitch fix to be slightly akin to say, joining Mary Kay, Avon or Melaleuca. A few friends signed up and I scoffed, but then my stylish friend Tea signed up. In fact, I had recently been house sitting for her and accidentally/ on purpose stolen/borrowed a v-neck black tank top (I promise to give back this week!).  I had Tea send me a photo of what she kept from her latest Stitch Fix order and I was sold.  Stitch Fix is personal shopping for you based on a profile or preferences and you try it on and send back what you don’t like. To cut to the chase, I bought 3 out of 5 pieces they sent. That’s pretty good because I have a curvy body and I am very picky. Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised at the quality and surprised at the cool boutique brands and the affordability.  I may have at one time been part of an anarchist collective, but it was time to admit that I do not have time for hours of thrift shopping.  And I used to just trade clothes with college friends, but I am a working mom now and none of my friends are throwing those “naked lady  parties”.

I debated whether to post something about fashion on this blog. Then I realized, this really is a MOM thing. This is totally about having young children and being busy with other stuff as well like work, writing, school. My idea of hell is taking my child into H&M and walking out with a bunch of total crap because we needed to get a snack right quick after, or needed to go to the potty- and I was rushed and totally confused. Nothing fit because there was certainly no time to try things on or risk your toddler crawling into the other ladies’ stalls. This has happened to me at least 10 times in the last few years.

I am neutral about shopping. I don’t love it or hate it, but I want to do it alone and I want to focus, otherwise I’ll wear out my old stuff until my mother sends my birthday package 😉 I’m also style-challenged, which is odd for a libra. I’m ALL over the place and I like to swing in and out of phases. Vintage Glam one year, preppy yacht club the next, and punk every 7 years..? I’ve always secretly dreamed about having a personal shopper.  Ready to see how it worked out? ….


1) I paid them $20 to “style my Fix,” which means for $20 a personal stylist will pull together 5 items of clothing (and/or accessories) based on my requests. For example, I wanted “edgy” pieces and “romantic” pieces in a size 8/ Medium. I told them I was hella busty but I liked to show them off. I told them I don’t like to show my back, but I might show part of my back with the right cut. I told them I don’t wear rings or bracelets and that my necklaces are not small and classic but “statement.”  You can be very detailed.  You also tell them how much you want to spend. I told them “cheaper stuff: $30-$60/item” but once I get my style down, I might raise the amount I am willing to pay– since I know I don’t have to keep it.  Also, I believe that all of the handbags they send have light-colored funky patterned insides so you can find your crap!

2) I scheduled the delivery and it came two days early, just before a fun weekend of awesome.  My $20 styling set-up fee was applied to my purchase. If you bought all 5 items, you’d get a 25% discount. I had three days to decide, and I sent the two things I didn’t want back to Stitch Fix in a pre-paid envelope.

3) When I “check out” online, my credit card was already saved and I gave a lot of feedback about why I kept things and why not- which supposedly will help my stylist make even better choices next time. My stylist was OCATAVIO. So now I imagine my own personal stylist running around the warehouse, looking for items for my next fix.

Item 1:  Hoop Earrings: Vanessa Mooney Archer Beaded Block.      Funky and cool, pretty much-loved them but when I tried them on, the backless, clasp-less in-ear piece just fell right out. Oh well. Now they know what sorts of earrings I can’t wear. Stuff needs to stay ON. SENT BACK 😦


Item 2: Skinny Jeans: Liverpool Vinny Ankle Length.  I loved the color immediately. Then I pulled them on and realized that though it felt awkward, the ankle-length jeans really looked great with sandals. Now that I live in CA, it is mostly sandals.  They were a tad big on me- not at all skinny jeans, but since I am not sure I would be comfortable in skinny jeans, that was fine. Then, my booty looked good, so that was a Keeper. The crotch was stiff but that worked itself out with one day in the garden.


Item 3: Knit Top: Paloma Dot Print Back Cut-Out. This shape of front is not my favorite. With a big bust, these drapey shapes can make me look perpetually pregnant. But they had me at the polka dots. My daughter and I share an obsession with them. Black and white is also so easy to wear and the fabric is SO soft! And I don’t have a photo of the back of this shirt, but it is a “T” shape with cut-outs and buttons. Pretty unusual and stunning. KEEPER. So far, this shirt looks great with everything.


Item 4: Cardigan: LA Made Rita airy Knit Pocket-Front. Wow. Look at my face. (And my double chin). SENT BACK. This was the wrong fabric (mesh), the wrong mix of too many colors in the fabric. It served no purpose. I’m too practical for long sleeves that won’t keep you warm.  Mostly, this was totally the wrong shape for my body. This would give great curves to somebody who is thin and with less chest. In fact, days later I saw similar styles on other women and it looked great. Contemplated giving away to a friend but then realized it was $88. I’m not that nice a friend 😉


Item 5: 41 Hawthorn Callafia Short-Sleeve Wrap Dress.   I had never liked a wrap dress until my friend Laura had ordered one that didn’t fit well on her shorter frame and I took it and it was lovely on me. I had just worn it to Easter Sunday with Laura and Aaron in Napa. Never would I have even tried it on, but because it was free (no risk), I did and it worked. So weeks later came this other one. Stitch-fix is also no-risk, but somehow I was still skeptical about a wrap. Unless a wrap is jersey, it will not stay tight enough to keep my boobies covered. This one was jersey!  Also, it was my favorite color, so it was a KEEPER. Here the pink bra peeks out too much, but lucky for me, I have a teal bra 😉


Want to try it? I’d love to see what you get! HERE is the link to sign up for Stitch Fix get me $25 off. If you tell me you signed up, I’ll send you a surprise in return! Remember, it only costs $20 to give it a try. You don’t have to purchase anything. You can send it all back, but that never happens. I think all the picky and hard-to-fit ladies are shocked that they like at least something in the pile. And your $20 starting fee goes toward your first purchase!

You can go to this page to check out some people’s blog posts with the details from their “Fix” packages:

Almost all of this is “mom clothes” and I really need a good amount of them in my wardrobe. Still, if you know me,  you know the other part of me is really funky and queer so I’m going to see how far to the edge these next stitch-fixes can go if I tell them each time that I want it to be “even more edgy”. I doubt they can go very far to the unusual, because the majority of stitch-fix users, I’ve read, are moms and…teachers. Yep. I will post my second stitch fix and we can decide together if anything is edgy.

Larger Sizes?

Below are some examples of Stitch Fix for Larger sizes. Though, I have noticed that they just offer less and the sizing is less exact for my bigger friends. I think StitchFix really is trying to get the act together. If you wear a larger size, it is probably a better deal to ask for sweaters, accessories, tops and skirts, rather than dresses and pants. As you will see, there are some larger-sized ladies that really enjoy stitch-fix.


Also, lots of women are thrilled that if you tell your stylist (in the notes section when you sign up) that you are pregnant, they have plenty of clothes to accommodate a growing bump that will also work later on!

In short, I highly recommend this service because it is EASY and FUN!

Again, HERE is the link to sign up for Stitch Fix and win me $25 off. If you tell me you signed up, I’ll send you a surprise in return! Remember, it only costs $20 to give it a try. You don’t have to purchase anything. You can send it all back, but that never happens. And your $20 goes toward your first purchase!


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