Angel Food Cake!! Traditional and GF/SF versions!

If you know me, you know that I am not suzy homemaker when it comes to cooking and baking. I do it only once or twice a month! My wonderful wife is the chef. But this weekend, you can find my post about Sugar-Free Parenting over at Natural Parents Network!

On friday afternoon, I bought a bundt pan. And on friday evening I made TWO ANGEL FOOD CAKES!  I can’t even believe I am saying that because Angel Food Cake is no ordinary dessert- it is like a fancy baking challenge. One with sugar and real flour for my dear friend Lizza’s baby shower Sat. morning (She’s having twins- a boy and a girl and I am giddy about this!). And yet another cake that myself and Iris could eat (or that Iris can eat and that I can eat and pay for later).  Though the second one is gluten free and cane-sugar-free though I am not totally sure why I bothered except for the pure challenge a GF/SF angel food cake posed. The point of angel food cake is that it is mostly egg-white and I am allergic to egg whites.

I meant to borrow my best friend’s vintage mixer but I forgot to do that before she left town and I was left with just a whisk with which to “peak” a total of 18 egg whites. The odds were against me. The conventional version didn’t peak at all (as it turns out that was only because of a tiny smudge of yolk in the mix and not because my arms weren’t strong enough to whisk quickly enough).  It merely had air bubbles but somehow the darned thing still looked perfect. I think I literally whipped it so long that although it didn’t looked “peaked”, it was full of air enough to set. Or maybe it was my careful “folding in” technique which prevented all and any air-loss.

These are the peaks I eventually got with the second, GF cake!


I used this Alton Brown recipe for the conventional cake. If you do it, leave out the water and cook it for an extra 10 minutes. I used regular unbleached flour. Perfectionist, I am not. Nor did I truly “sift” either of these. I whisked air into the dry mixes and then picked out the hard nubbins. Meh. Do not let a single drop of yolk in your bowl!

I used this Gluten Free Mommy recipe for the GF/SF cake: I replaced the regular sugar with coconut palm sugar. I added orange extract to the whites before I whipped them. Cook this one for five minutes less than they suggest. I used bob’s red-mill GF baking mix, but if you can mix your own according to the suggestion here, it might be more awesome. Note: using coconut sugar makes a tan-colored cake, so not your usual color. But almost the right consistency (and lets face it, almost-right is damn good for GF/SF!)  and truly yummy!

The Compote: I made this up because some frost Angel food cakes, but that just sounded too dry!! This compote cannot be too sweet as the cake itself is sweet:

I simmered one large container of strawberries chopped and two large apricots chopped with a half cup of coconut sugar and a bit of lemon rind in 1.5cups of water until the fruit was soft and then I turned it off and let it sit so that the sugar and water formed a viscous texture. The cake and compote will be room temperature when I serve it tomorrow at the baby shower.

The best part? Though I am allergic to egg whites, I am not allergic/less allergic to yolks. And now I have 18 yolks waiting for me in the fridge for breakfasts! I will eat them fried on GF toast with tomato slice and pepper. Maybe I will have a coronary, but it will all have been worth it to be a Martha for a day. You know, I do have the dream to someday have a hypoallergenic food blog, the details of which shall remain unwritten should they be stolen.


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