Spread Thin- But Plump with Photos

Coming Clean: As you may not have noticed: I skipped few days of Posts which means I have officially failed at NaNoBlogMo. But it was on purpose. I decided three things: (and yes, I love using gratuitous colons):

1) It was one too many things on my plate and I am spread thin like play dough under a rolling pin. In case you didn’t know, I am fervently writing two books: a memoir and  how-to. and November is also NaNoProgMo (progress on your book month)- so of course I am doing that, splitting the time between my two books.  I will leave out the details there because it is rather bad luck in writing to tell too much about your unfinished manuscripts but I will just say : sleep and potty. I am terrified of someone stealing my ideas and writing books with the same title before I publish (because that happened to me with the first book I wrote). I have an editing group, I just taught workshops two weeks in a row, I have new Parent Coaching clients, I teach a baby music and sign class, and I have a CD to sell.

2) For the people who receive the blog via email- you would have hated me after 30 days. I asked myself , “If I were a reader- would I want to get an impersonal email every day for 30 days.” and the answer was Heck No.

3) Always believing in a Buddhist Path called “The Middle Way”, I have decided that I will now post just two times a week. Always believing in quality above quantity, I want the things I send out into the universe to have meaning. And the point of my blog is to either be entertaining or helpful and I am sure that I couldn’t pull that off every single day. But beginning NaNoBlogMo was just what I needed to give my blogging a kick in the pants and to commit me to a schedule for blogs.

We ARE still doing Hands On Play Challenge every day this month, though I may not write about every day of it. I will write about the good parts and hopefully take pictures. Day 7 was Mega Floor Doodles. Basically, a canvas for the child so large they can lay on it. I knew Iris would be in heaven.

Iris was at first astonished at what we were doing! She didn’t know what to do so I asked her why I should draw. She said “O” so I wrote an O, Then she said “W” so I wrote that, then she said “M” so I wrote OWM. I asked her what that meant and she said, “Owl”. She is on her way to spelling!  When she settled into it herself, she began the same drawings she is doing a lot lately which are full-bodied closed shapes “ghosts” with dots in the middle. The dots, she says are “many eyes.” But if you look more closely to the middle, I let her work by herself for a while and came back and asked her what she had drawn. “A Cat” she said, and by george it was. I pointed to each part and asked that that was and as it turned out there was a round face, triangle ears, eyes and whiskers. Then just to prove they were ears, she began to color the ears in with her marker. She is so brilliant right now that it scares me and makes me cry. Talk about ghosts, I get chills every time  she has one of these lucid drawings. I have kept them: a pumpkin, a ghost, a girl, a few other things I can’t remember at the moment- all ACTUAL drawings, as in: Iris has the coordination, the imagination and can actually make her hands do what her mind sees at 19 months.

Day 7 was play doh, and so Iris had a hand in making it, which was fun. We scented it like orange and vanilla. And then she played with it. I found an old bag of cat and dog button which she used for play. I think she was busy for 1.5 hours.

Day 8 was water-play with different colored water, but because I have a fear of food coloring (as bad as my fear of sugar), we played with clear water and Iris scrubbed some of her toys clean.

Day 9 was sensory play with small objects. We used a few small bowls instead of a large plastic bin. She scooped rice, beans, pasts and lentils “like a back-hoe” in the kitchen with me while I cooked dinner. She was content for a half hour. Then we added water to the play to see if things would float. But everything sank.

Day 10 was today: play with mixtures of liquids. We were going to do a baking soda/vinegar volcano but somehow champagne vinegar didn’t have the oomph so we had minimal bubbles. Then we made weird physics-defying flubber with cornstarch and water. It was so awesome: what is a both a runny wet liquid and a dry powdery shapely thing at the same time? Why, flubber. Photos would not do it justice.


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3 Responses to Spread Thin- But Plump with Photos

  1. Hannah says:

    I love the cornstarch/water combo. I did a really bad science fair project on it. What is your recipe for playdough?

  2. Shannon says:

    Have you tried the natural food colorings? I think the brand I found at PCC is India Tree. My mom bought them for cookie decorating last year, and I was pretty impressed with the colors. You can also distill your own, from things like red cabbage, and freeze the extra in ice cube trays, but I haven’t tried that yet.

  3. Melissa says:

    The cat is amazing!! I love all of the eyes on the ghost faces….I can’t wait to do art with Iris again!

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