Hands On Play Challenge! and BloMo

My blog got this updated make-over today. So far I’m thinking it is easier to want to write when your blog looks nice! I am going to “attempt” to do NaNoBloMo (or whatever the initials really are when you write a blog a day in the month of Nov. I know that BloMo sounds dirty, especially when my nickname is Mo. Oh well.)

This first one is to tell you that as of tomorrow morning, I will join in on the Hands On Play Challenge  that two blogger mamas cooked up. I challenge you to try this with your little one too, even if you are a working parent- after dinner for just 15 minutes! This is a brilliant idea because I have just um..noticed (without judgement, of course!) that some parents have no idea what to play with their young children, or have no imagination, or especially don’t know what their wonderful kids are capable of. Think of the bonding…..it makes me shiver.

I will be two days late, but only found out about it this evening after Iris had gone to bed and making a fort by myself might not be as much fun. Yes, day 2 was Fort Building. Day 3, I hear, will be about blocks. So tomorrow we will do both and then I might post about it. This challenge comes at such a nice time, since who knows what the heck I was going to write about every day for the entire month of november  for NaNoBloMo.


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One Response to Hands On Play Challenge! and BloMo

  1. teresa says:

    I love the hands on play challenge!! What a great way for parents who haven’t had the experience to get started.
    I’m so happy you’re doing NaNoProgMo with us!! I’ve seen lots of NaNoBloMo’s around, but that’s one too many for me. Good for you for giving it a go.
    I’ll be following you.
    I hope you take pictures of your forts, blocks, etc….

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