Body Issues


No, I’m not going to post photos of my belly yet. 

few people have asked me to do this but here is why I won’t: the “baby” part of my belly has not extended beyond my usual fat roll. I have always had this little roll of fat and then it would dip down severely and become almost concave beneath. Some call it a “spare tire”.  And though I am no longer concave in the uterine/bladder area and it is obvious to me that there is something new there- the truth is that at this 2 month time, it’s technically not even my uterus you can touch. It’s just my bladder being pushed forward by my pear sized uterus. The baby is less than a grape. And the bladder bulge is still nothing compared to it’s northern sister, the fat bulge. When the two bulges finally meet smoothly with no gaps, I will post a photo.

As it is, I’m steadily gaining about an inch a week which has decidely gone to my ass and hips. I’m not complaining because though I’ve had curves elsewhere, I’ve never had ass or hips.  Now the  other curves I speak of have become unmanagable. I went from a DD (skipped DDD) and am at an E cup bordering on F. I imagine FF will be about right when the milk comes in. They hurt, but mostly in the morning when I wake up realizing that I have accidentally slept with one squashed under my side.  And yes, I technically wear nursing bras now.

The accupuncture has mostly seen me through a week with the exception of puking just once and a few random times of nausea. I’ll definitely take that over days of not keeping liquids in!


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One Response to Body Issues

  1. octopusmama says:

    maybe obvious and already tried, but what about those seasickness wristbands – I know they have been known to work wonders for chemo nausea…

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