MommyWars and My HgC


Well, it’s looking like it’s not twins, Thankfully. We did the blood test and got back a mid-range HgC level. Ruling out ectopic pregnancy and most probably ruling out twins. yay on both accounts.

All day nausea and some vomiting going on day 3 now. Fabulous. It doesn’t help that it’s been in the 90s and no air con.

Because I’ve started to write for Queercents a new series called
“Penny Pinching Pregnancy” I’ve found myself entering what’s called the “MommyWars”  and specifically in the realm of debating commenters on whether it’s wrong and selfish to have a home birth and whether home births are safe. The women who have had emergency C-sections believe that the child would not have lived without one and that people who don’t give birth in a hospital don’t have access to that are selfishly putting thier child at risk (actually, if you live close enough you have equal access to c-section).

It turns out I think MommyWars are fun. It helps that the numbers and even obstetrics associations are on the side of the point I love to prove.


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