+ or – 7 days until first insemination!

I’ve been noticing my new married life is different. It’s more calm, my anxiety level has jumped down to about a consistent 1 on a scale of 10 . The stability has implied for me a strange freedom and confidence to go out and conquer anything I set my mind to.  There is a heightened sense of “God likes us, has a plan, and it’s a good one, since the wedding was so perfect and we are so happy!” All of this baby-making business with it’s money issues and OCD scheduling isn’t making me nuts at all.

I’ve also noticed that since being settled with K, my life is better but not as “glamorous” in the way it used to be when I used to wear fake eyelashes and fishnets on the weekends.  For me I’m in-between that version of glamorous and the one where I wear yoga pants with belly panels, feel free to eat carbs, nap a lot and people I don’t even know adore me and wish me well. Which is something I’ve always thought was glamorous. That, and I have the strange belief that being pregnant makes it morally permissable for me to spend lots of time shopping at U-village. (I just read this to K- who was horrified.)

I think I might have made a new friend in Prenatal yoga who likes me even though I’m not even prenatal yet. I’m going to say “Hi Joy” and give her a little present next week because I’m an over-achieving and pushy new friend like that.

A two-week old boy slept on me for over an hour today and it was so divine.


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One Response to Glamorous

  1. K says:

    Um, I would be fine with you wearing fish nets around the house if that will make you feel better. I know it would make me feel better. 🙂

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