Cord Blood Donation?

cordToday I researched Cord Blood Donation and realized I may have a tough decision to make.

I imagined donating the blood from the umbilical cord to hopefully help save the life of someone who needs a stem cell transplant. But I also imagined giving birth at home and as I just found out by calling the Puget Sound Blood Center Cord Blood Program, they are unable to accept cord blood from a home birth. This is a bummer and it’s got me actually considering the possibility of the Swedish Birthing Center for this one reason only.

In other news, I started bleeding three days early so this puts us even closer to the first insemination date- now estimated at June 25 or 26. Today I tested going without antihistimines again. It was not pretty- my head hurts badly, I can’t stop sneezing and my work involves newborns so it’s not ideal to be dripping snot. I just took sudafed and an antihistime so that I can think with my life coaching clients

And in random news, yesterday the gas company finally found the leak I’ve been asking them to find which I’ve been smelling for almost 2 years. And now it’s finally getting fixed -and now I won’t have random hours of nausea which will be helpful if I get pregnant.


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  1. octopusmama says:

    You are so flippin’ cute! 🙂 Shop on!!

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