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Did you know that I’m a “Ask the Mentor” at Natural Parents Network?

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An NPN reader asks our natural parenting mentors:

How do you deal with other parents who behave aggressively toward their children?

My son is in kindergarten and it is necessary for him to ride the school bus. My daughter and I walk with him to the bus stop each morning and wait with him. While there, the other kids play around. This is normal, and all of the kids do it. There is a mother there who screams at, yells at, and threatens her children constantly. Usually, the children are doing nothing wrong, and they completely ignore her because they are so desensitized to her.

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About Moorea Malatt

Moorea Malatt is a mom and Parent Coach currently focusing on early potty, gentle discipline and gentle sleep learning in workshops and private phone consults as well as trying to change the world through blog articles on gentle and effective parenting. Moorea also wrote the album of songs called, "Whip It Out: Songs for Breastfeeding". She and owns and directs Genius: A Baby Academy in Seattle, offering fun classes and support for new families. Moorea blogs over at MamaLady Parenting. As a parent, Moorea overcame severe sleep deprivation, enjoyed early potty learning tremendously and revels in parenting gently with boundaries and respect. Before becoming a mother she worked with new families, infants and children for 17 years including as a preschool teacher, postpartum doula, multiples infant nanny, life coach, and religious educator in Jewish, Buddhist and Christian settings. Moorea enjoys birding, snorkeling, travel, entertaining and crafting imperfectly.
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  1. i visited your website, and it is very useful with me. thank you about shares :D

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